Our Partnerships

Founded on the use of tried-and-tested offshore oil and gas technology, HWCG LLC leverages unprecedented mutual aid and collaboration between industry operators to protect people, property and the environment.


Our industry-leading mutual aid program creates a shared pool of information, assets and experts that exponentially increase the resources available to our members. The rapid and effective containment of a subsea well control incident requires multiple problem-solving disciplines and an enormous commitment of resources, all of which we are able to access through mutual aid.

Our relationships and contracts with service companies provide additional expertise, assistance and equipment. These contract partners are an integral part of our team. Unlike a typical contractor and operator relationship, we fully include our service providers in our response effort. We recognize that our Response Providers are the subject matter experts for the services they provide, and our organization benefits from absorbing that institutionalized knowledge and extraordinary depth of experience.


Safety is a component of everything we do – including how we structure our organization. We engineered our committee system to promote regular interactions between our members and foster relationships between the leaders who will collaborate during a response effort. This cohesive approach leads to a safer, more productive response environment.

HWCG’s annual drill allows our membership to practice this collaborative response model and activate a portion of our mutual aid program. The benefits compound as each member broadens and deepens their experience of the deepwater spill response structure each year.


  • Mutually shared resources including information, expertise and assets
  • Access to multiple problem-solving perspectives across disciplines
  • Compounded learning and experience gains
  • Organizational structure promotes cohesion and familiarity of response team

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