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Committed to providing Members a robust, integrated, standardized and sustainable response solution to a deepwater blowout in the US Gulf of Mexico.

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In the aftermath of the Macondo (Deepwater Horizon) event, offshore energy companies joined together to form HWCG with the mission of developing a comprehensive and rapid deepwater containment response system for the Gulf of Mexico.

Today, HWCG is a consortium of deepwater operators and non-operators committed to building the safest, most comprehensive and fastest possible response system through extensive industry collaboration and mutual aid.

We manage the facilitation of a deepwater incident response for our members. Beyond our owned assets, we maintain agreements with service partners who will provide additional services, equipment, expertise and personnel during a response effort. This allows us to bring together the best possible resources, regardless of ownership, to respond on an immediate basis.

Our response system builds on the equipment proven effective in the eventual containment of Macondo's drilled well, including the Helix Fast Response System (HFRS) with the Q4000 intervention vessel and Helix Producer 1 from Helix Energy Solutions Group. HWCG continues to develop industry-leading solutions with continual equipment upgrades and expanding capabilities.

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