HWCG to Host Hundreds of Technical Experts and Regulators at Annual Well Control Drill


Houston, TX – (August 2018) – As a leader among well control providers, HWCG LLC will bring together hundreds of well control experts and regulatory representatives for its annual source control drill in Katy, TX on August 7-8. Independent oil and natural gas acquisition, exploitation and exploration company, W&T Offshore, Inc., will serve as the host of this year’s drill.

During the source control exercise, W&T Offshore will act as the “Responsible Party” in a simulated deepwater well blow out scenario. The purpose of the exercise is to demonstrate HWCG’s dynamic response capabilities, processes and equipment to quickly and comprehensively assist W&T Offshore with its respond to an offshore drilling blowout.

“We continue to bring together the industry’s brightest and most experienced deepwater personnel and we’re committed to safe and responsible offshore drilling and prevention of a deepwater incident,” said Craig T. Castille, Managing Director of HWCG. “This drill reinforces this commitment and demonstrates that we are truly ‘Ready to Respond’ at any time.”

HWCG continues to lead its members and the industry by advocating for safe drilling practices and staying updated with the latest well control regulations. The consortium’s Deepwater Intervention Technical Committee (DITC) is responsible for prioritizing technological upgrades to the response system and continues to play a key role in advising HWCG’s members. To demonstrate its commitment to safety, HWCG invites regulatory agencies, including the Bureau of Safety and Environmental Enforcement (BSEE) and United States Coast Guard, to participate in the exercise.

During this large-scale exercise, HWCG’s Mutual Aid team, which includes experts from the member companies, vendors and response partners, will assist W&T Offshore implement their plan to contain the blowout.  In the event of a real source control incident, Member Mutual Aid, comprised of experts from all HWCG members becomes available to the member in need.

“We work all year long to continuously improve our response system,” said Mike Noel, Commercial Director of HWCG. “Our drill showcases the levels of collaboration inherent in our response efforts, which becomes even more critical during this large-scale exercise.”

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