HWCG LLC and Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. execute LOI for 20,000psi Subsea Capping System


HWCG LLC and Trendsetter Engineering, Inc. are pleased to announce a significant expansion of HWCG’s deepwater well containment incident response capabilities in 2019.

In keeping pace with members’ future needs and future regulatory thresholds, HWCG and Trendsetter have executed a Letter of Intent for the design, build and delivery of a new capping stack system rated to 20,000-psi and 10,000-fsw. The new system, scheduled for delivery in Q21 of -2019, will utilize the latest in capping stack technology and be designed for compliance with the newer standards for High Pressure High Temperature (HPHT) subsea well control applications.

Ron Downing, President of Trendsetter stated “Since 2011 Trendsetter has set the standard for Source Control and Containment Equipment in our industry.  The selection of Trendsetter by HWCG and it’s member companies for this high spec capping system further solidifies our leadership position in this market and builds upon the knowledge and experience gained on the previous thirteen capping stack deliveries. Our companies are committed to achieving the highest level of preparedness in the industry and we look forward to collaborating on this project to achieve that goal.” 

HWCG’s Managing Director, Craig Castille, added “HWCG is pleased to add a new capping stack to our inventory of response resources. The enhanced capability will allow our members to continue responsible exploration and develop activities in the Gulf of Mexico where deepwater combined with deeper drilling requires advanced technology and know-how. Trendsetter was a natural choice due to their proven track record providing capping stacks to our industry and their recent experience with HTHP solutions.”

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